Initiation (Level I)

In the Initial Level you get to know everything related to the material (Board, Suit, Leash, Wax, etc..), its proper use and the safety rules involved in this sport.

Beside the strong practical component, the importance of a proper sea observation regarding conditions and local practice is emphasized, in order to avoid ocean rip currents or other risk factors that may put your health in danger. A qualified instructor is ensures to verify that the conditions are appropriate and that the class will take place on a safe spot.

At this stage the intention is that riders take waves correctly, put themselves standing on the board, keep balance, train to ride a wave and practice simple turning. This is the start to enjoy and to experience unique sensations this fantastic sport provides its practitioners with.


  • Material Presentation
  • Safety Standards
  • Sea Observation
  • Paddling
  • In-Side surfing
  • Catching the wave
  • Take-Off Balance
  • Wipe-Out
  • Directions / Turns

Improvement (Level II)

In the Intermediate level we present the basic maneuvers of the Surf and the development of the student's ability to surf Out-Side.

Techniques such as duck-dive, priority in waves, or various types of existing waves are developed here, ensuring students a phased and organized learning.

In this level the video viewing performances is introduced, an important tool for more and better training.


  • Types of wave
  • Selection of waves to catch
  • Suitable Material
  • Front Side / Back Side
  • Duck-dive
  • Surf Out-Side
  • Get in into the wall of the wave
  • Different types of drops
  • Trimming
  • Bottom Turn
  • Off-The-Lip
  • Cut Back
  • Snap
  • Floater
  • Re-entry

Advanced + Competition (Level III)

This phase are characterized by detailed embodiment of intermediate difficulty maneuvering and so-called "Advanced Maneuvers" are developed. The proper wave reading, where to perform different types of maneuvers, the various ways to generate and maintain speed are the important points of development of this level. Training is carried out in order to prepare surfers for competition and video monitoring is always present. At this level, sessions are held at places other than Costa de Caparica, in order to develop skills on the most diverse types of waves, thereby ensuring a greater and better development. Furthermore, Heat simulations are some of the characteristics of level III sessions.


  • Motoric Coordination
  • Tube
  • Video performance analysis / DVD
  • Tail-Slide
  • 360º
  • Reverse
  • Round-House-Cut-back
  • Use and maintain the speed of the board
  • Maneuver sequences
  • Aerials (types of)
  • Domain of personal boundaries in Big Waves
  • Behavior in crowd situations
  • Competition Rules
  • Anxiety domain in Line-Up
  • Strategies and confidence under pressure from a Heat
  • Behaviors in competition

Transport Pack

Destined to anyone wishing to enjoy comfort or see their children spend their free time with sports practice and healthy physical activity. Transportation included and separate sessions in morning schedules or after lunch. Contact us to find out the times and locations of pick-up and drop-off.

We also have, School Institutions, School Support Centres, Business or other interested entities as recipients to enjoy this personalized service.

Group Pack

Aims to satisfy those who want to share the aquatic emotions between friends or in an organized group. Benefit from discounts according to the number of people participating in the activity. Please contact us and enjoy ...

Business Pack (Team Building)

Make Surfing an ideal partner. Aims to meet the needs of various companies/entities wishing to foster a good and healthy working environment among their employees. By means of our experience we support you to strengthen and cultivate team spirit and the collective functioning, always accompanied by a fun and natural environment, developing and improving key competencies for success in the current market. Amounts vary according to number of participants and sessions. Minimum of 4 participants.

Birthday Party

Surprise your son/daughter and his/her friends with a funny Birthday Party between waves, giggles and physical activity in interaction with nature. The birthday boy/girl does not need to pay for the class – this is our birthday present. All birthday party gueses receive a participation diploma. Amounts vary according to number of participants. Enjoy our Video Pack, which will allow you to take home a souvenir of the best waves of the day.


The SurfLab Surf School regularly organizes its famous and fun Surf Trips with various destinations, always looking for the best surf spots and the best waves.

Registrations are open to surfers and all those who want to enjoy a different choice of waves in an enjoyable and fun spirit travel region. SurfLab regular students receive a discount on final value. We provide transportation, stay, Organization and Distribution of the List of meals, surf guiding of the best spots, Motorhome. Values per participant assigned by number of participants and final destination.

Destinations covered:

  • Portugal’s North Coast;
  • Nazaré;
  • Ericeira; Peniche;
  • Alentejo and Vincentian Coast;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Morocco.

Pack Vídeo

Footage in HD, professional editing and music of your choice. Show your friends how to surf. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to recall the best waves of the day. Possibility of inserting a Go-Pro HD camera on the board. If all you want is to be a professional surfer, take advantage of this opportunity to improve your wave portfolio. Take a look at pricing and promotions.