Nuno Pombo

Fernando Cardoso

Creator and Webiste manager Something wrong in the website? You know who to blame! Responsible for filming and editing the videos of SurfLab school.

Novice surfer in part time, dreams of getting surf waves without having to paddle much.

Degree in Film and Video Multimedia Communication by Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology, and is currently finishing a Masters in Design at the same University in the area of programming and development for Android.

Early on he began performing as a Freelance in the area of Design and multimedia programming. Connected to the Lusófona University since the beginning of his degree, he has worked in Marketing, webmanager for a large number of websites and other projects in the area. In the last years, has been linked to CETs, where he taught courses in Computer Applications Management and Development of Multimedia Products.

Currently is responsible for several sites and continues to develop his career as a Freelancer. It is also filming a documentary linked to artisanal fisheries.