Surfers Area

Here you can find all the documents that you need to become a surfer at SurfLab.


At the time of inscription we ask all surfers to choose a preferred time to participate in the surf classes. Any amendment or cancellation shall always be made 12 hours in advance, otherwise the surf lesson will be charged.

  1. The SurfLab, Surf School provides the technical stuff. (Surfboard, wetsuit, leash and wax).
  2. Classes are 1h20m long practice.
  3. The packs of surf lessons acquired on the Surflab Surf School are non-transferable to third persons, except the Gift Voucher
  4. D. Classes have a validity time that starts when the first class of the Pack is made:


  • Packs 4 - 3 months
  • Packs 8 - 4 months
  • Packs 12 - 6 months
  1. The student agrees in a careful handling of the technical equipment, being responsible for any damage occurred during the lesson.
  2. F. In order to register themselves, all students will receive the registration forms. The student are responsible to deliver this document to SurfLab, in order to initiate the process of sports insurance.